Accepted papers

Accepted Papers

[02] Jamming in multiple independent Gaussian channels as a game (Michail Fasoulakis, Apostolos Traganitis, Anthony Ephremides)

[03] Two-level cooperation in network games (Leon Petrosyan, Artem Sedakov)

[04] The Economics of Bundling Content with Unlicensed Wireless Service (Yining Zhu, Haoran You, Randall Berry)

[05] Bandwidth Scanning when the Rivals are Subjective (Andrey Garnaev, Wade Trappe)

[06] Games and Random Search (Artur Poplawski) 

[07] Optimal Resource Allocation over Networks via Lottery-Based Mechanisms (Soham Phade, Venkat Anantharam)

[08] Consensus Reaching With Heterogeneous User Preferences (Helene Le Cadre, Enrique Rivera Puente, Hanspeter Hoescle)  

[09] Bargaining in Networks with Socially-Aware Agents (Konstantinos Georgiou, Somnath Kundu)

[10] Community Structures in Information Network (Peter Marbach, Martin Carrington)

[11] Normalized equilibrium in Tullock rent seeking game (Eitan Altman, Mandar Datar, Gerard Burnside, Corinne Touati)

[12] Using bankruptcy rules to allocate CO2 emission permits (Raja Trabelsi, Stefano Moretti, Saoussen Krichen)