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13th EAI International Conference on Game Theory for Networks

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13th EAI International Conference on Game Theory for Networks

Game theory is a multi-agent decision theory, which provides a mathematical theory tool to study the complex interactions between interdependent rational players and predict strategic choices. Applying game theory in the context of networks provides insights into distributed systems in general. Game theoretic models can help us understand and evaluate the performance of complex systems that cannot be completely modeled using traditional optimization tools. In communication systems, with the rapid increase of decentralized wireless networks in and beyond 5G and 6G communication networks, e.g., distributed Internet of Things and massive MIMO systems, game theory can help in understanding congestion resource management, cooperative communications, and strategic decisions for security. Other applications include social network interactions which form a rich setting for studying strategic information and influence spread. Given the importance of the study of game theory in the context of networks, this conference aims to provide a venue to exchange recent advances in this topic. We look for original and unpublished research works in the use of game theory for solving challenging problems in networks.

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Late Track

5 July 2023

Full Paper Submission deadline

4 August 2023

Notification deadline

30 August 2023

Camera-ready deadline

Meet our Keynotes

Prof Aad van Moorsel

Models for Blockchain and Decentralised Systems

Prof Maria Papadopouli

Identifying Neuronal Modules of Communication in Primary Visual Cortex



Special Programme outside Gamenets conference

Day 1 – Gala Dinner at Parasties Heraklion Restaurant, Crete

Day 2 – Trip to Knossos

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