Call for Workshop Proposals

We invite you to submit proposals for Workshops to be collocated with the GameNets 2021 that  will be held online. Workshops may last half a day or a full day. Workshop proposals should  focus on a specific research area broadly within the field of Game Theory for Networks. 

Workshop proposals must include an overview of the workshop goal and research topics, why it  would be of interest to the GameNets 2021 audience. Also if possible, estimate the likely  numbers of submissions and participants. Proposals may refer to the success of previous  versions of the workshop held at other venues, if any.  

Important dates

Workshop proposal submission deadline: 7 September 2021

Submission guidelines

Submission for Workshop Proposals should not be more than 4 pages long. Each submission  should include the following information:  

  • Workshop title  
  • Preferred length (1 day, 1/2 day)  
  • Name, affiliation, email, and short bio (including previous experience in organizing  workshops or conferences) of workshop PC chairs, with one of them indicated as the primary  contact  
  • Tentative list of Program Committee members  
  • Main goal of the workshop and list of the workshop topics  
  • Interest to GameNets 2021 audience  
  • Preliminary call for papers  
  • Estimated number of submissions, number of accepted papers, and number of registered  participants  
  • Publicity plans  

The organizers of accepted workshops are expected to assemble a program committee,  announce and publicize the workshop and its call for papers, solicit submissions, conduct the  reviewing process, and prepare the final workshop program.  

Workshops will benefit from the GameNets 2021organizational infrastructure and receive support  regarding registration, and publication of the workshop proceedings. All workshop papers will  receive publication support from the conference, and thus EAI conference reviewing guidelines  must be followed, i.e. double-blind review process (authors must ensure that their submissions  have been anonymized prior to submission). 

To submit a workshop proposal please send it to the Workshop Chair at: [email protected]