Call for Panel Proposals

EAI GameNets 2021 has been planned as an online event.

We cordially invite academics, researchers and practitioners to submit Panel Proposals allowing for similar expertise to gather and share insights.

Panel Proposals will be accepted under any topic relevant to Game Theory for Networks, including but not limited to:

– Game Theory used in the study 5G & beyond networks
– Game Theory & Smart Information Systems (AI, Big Data)
– Game Theory, Cloud Technologies and the Internet of Things
– Game Theory for edge and fog computing applications
– Game Theory for localisation and location-based services
– Game Theory models for network security
– Game Theory models for energy efficiency in networks
– Game Theory used for vehicular networks
– Game Theory for multimedia applications
– Decision making for innovative emerging technologies
– Ethics in emerging technology applications
– Quality of User Experience and networking decisions
– Game Theory and Graph Theory network studies

The deadline for Panel Proposals is set for: September 2nd, 2021.
The proposals for Panel must be submitted in English and should include at least the following:

  • Panel’s title (maximum 20 words); (Optional: 4-5 keywords related to the topic of discussion)
  • Names of the panel chair(s) and their institutional affiliation(s).
  • A short abstract of the panel topic, including aspects of the topic that may interest the audience
    of GameNets 2021 (maximum 300 words)
  • A list of the panel objectives/questions to address (maximum 300 words)

Chairs of panels selected for GameNets 2021 will subsequently be invited to circulate a ‘call for papers’ for their panel, both through the conference website and their own networks. Please note that in the case of similar or overlapping panel submissions, the Organising Committee may ask panel chairs to collaborate ensuring the overall coherence of the conference. In terms of time, each panel should not take more than two regular conference slots. The discussion may focus on paper presentations submitted under each panel. To encourage discussion each panel will be limited to
allowing up to 3, 15-minute paper presentations.

Panel Proposals should be submitted to the General Chair, Josephina Antoniou, at: [email protected]