Welcome to GameNets 2011

2nd International ICST Conference on Game Theory for Networks

April 16-18 2011 - Shanghai, China

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Message from the GameNets 2011 Chairs

Welcome to the Second International Conference on Game Theory for Networks (GameNets 2011), which will be held in Shanghai, China April 16-18 2011. This year's Conference continues its tradition of being the premier forum for presentation of results on cutting-edge research in Game Theory for Networks(GameNets). The mission of the conference is to share novel basic research ideas as well as experimental applications in the GameNets area in addition to identifying new directions for future research and development. GameNets 2011 gives researchers a unique opportunity to share their perspectives with others interested in the various aspects of GameNets. In addition, the program includes three outstanding keynote speakers from academia and industry: Profs. John Chuang (UC Berkeley), Sergiu Hart (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), and Nimrod Meggido (IBM Research). We hope that the conference proceedings will serve as a valuable reference to researchers and developers in the area.

This year, we have received 42 paper submissions from all over the world. All papers received rigorous peer reviews from our Technical Program Committee (TPC). After carefully examining all the received review reports, the TPC finally selected 24 regular papers for presentation at the conference and publication in the conference proceedings with an acceptance rate of 57%. In addition, 23 papers were invited from well-known researchers in the area. All the 47 papers to be presented make for an exciting technical program.

Putting together GameNets 2011 was a team effort. First of all, we would like to thank the authors for providing the content of the program. We would also like to express our gratitude to the TPC and reviewers, who worked very hard in reviewing papers and providing suggestions for their improvements. We would like to thank our financial sponsor EAI/ICST, and CREATE-NET, for their support in making GameNets 2011 a successful event. For a list of all individuals who have contributed to GameNets 2011, please visit the conference website: https://gamenets.org/

We hope that you will find this year's program interesting and thought-provoking and the conference will provide you with a valuable opportunity to share ideas with other researchers from around the world. We look forward to greeting you personally at GameNets 2011!

Athanasios Vasilakos, General co-Chair
Xinbing Wang, General co-Chair
Rajgopal Kannan, Program co-Chair
Rahul Jain, Program co-Chair